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About us

We, Katica and Miloš Tokić, co-founders and co-owners of the "Bilanca" agency, passed on our knowledge and lifelong experience from our hometown Kakanj, where we had lived before the war to a new community where we settled after the war. We worked diligently on gaining experience in domains of finances and accounting in "Elektroprivreda BiH", i.e. Electric distribution, Middle Bosnia, Zenica. Hence, it wasn’t hard for us to adjust to new economic conditions and working methods. Having arrived to Derventa, we immediately joined couple of firms where we were recognized as exemplary, efficient and above all competent employees. Our hard work contributed to development of these firms into respectable companies. We owe our special gratitude to "NiD Komerc Derventa" and "Interprom Derventa" where we both made our first "business steps" in this community. In time, with the help of our fellow accountants ( too few of them were at disposal in the economy back in those years ), we kept on perfecting ourselves and during a short period of time we reached such a level of competence that it was possible to offer our services to various firms. On January 29th, 2001, we came to a decision to start our own business. At the very beginning, we gathered in our agency few smaller entrepreneurs, but in a short period of time, due to recommendations, we became appealing to bigger entrepreneurs, legal entities and companies. Soon enough, we gathered some of extremely successful firms. Using our competence and experience, and applying positive legal regulations, we helped these firms become respectable companies.

Some younger colleagues recognized our exemplary work and offered us their services, and in a short while we had in our team people like Snježana Stefanović, Jelene Vračević, Čeda Tokić and Mladen Blagojević. Goran Tokić and Saša Mrdja, bachelors of economics, also joined our agency offering us their very first working experiences. This gave us new stimulus and motive to further enhance the quality of our services in the future. Today, our agency represents well-renowned firms, such as: EHTA-R d.o.o., Jaguar d.o.o., Geokop d.o.o., Metalac MBM d.o.o., Uspon d.o.o., Hidroinženjering d.o.o., Metalprom NB d.o.o., MP GAMA d.o.o., Barća Marjanović d.o.o., and many others which will be mentioned further in the presentation.

We owe our special gratitude to our business associates in legal domain - "Agencija za pravne usluge", Doboj, owned by Mr. Miloš Starčević and Ms. Gordana Damjanović’s lawyer’s office from Derventa - for completion of our services. In order for our clients to get high-quality information from domains of export and import (i.e. shipping) we use services of "SIMPROM D.O.O.", Derventa, a shipping firm owned by Ljiljana and Nenad Subotić. Everything mentioned here enabled us to provide top-quality services to our clients and made us recognizable in our community.

We also have very good cooperation with the creators of software solutions from the accounting and finances domain - Mr. Zoran Petrović, from Derventa and Mr. Davor Pupić and Zoran Vukelić, from Banja Luka. As a part of our registered activities, we also offer services of arbitration in the process of real estates sales, where we’ve achieved very good cooperation with Mr. Nenad Đukic, authorized court appraiser from Banja Luka.

In the conclusion of our presentation we have to emphasize remarkable collaboration with business banks: "Raiffeisen bank", "Pavlović Internacional" bank, "NLB Razvojna banka", "Nova Banjalučka banka" and "HYPO ALPE ADRIA" bank. They offer their high-quality services via our agency and represent a proper financial support for our clients.


  • Miloš Tokić, accountant, liscence no. 3654
  • Katica Tokić, accountant, liscence no. 3656
  • Snježana Stefanović, accountant, liscence no. 1243
  • Goran Tokić, account & financial manager
  • Jelena Vračević, bookkeeper
  • Saša Mrdja, bachelor of economics, accountant
  • Čedo Tokić, administrative employee
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