Main Objectives

Bookkeeping Service Agency * BILANCA * provides bookkeeping and accounting services to clients of various sizes of company and industries. Our goals are to accurately and promptly processed accounting data, provide security in terms of tax and other legislation, and with analyzing accounting data to help clients to improve their business. BILANCA is established in 2000y. BILANCA was a small agency with two employees , now it became a service with 5 employees and it provides services up to 50 clients. In order to achieve these objectives BILANCA offers computer software which is created with the help of associates in the area of computer and synchronized with changes in the regulations of the Republic of Srpska. Also, software has enabled easy access via Internet, so that at any time agency workers have access to client data.

What services do we offer?

• General ledger
• Maintaining bookkeeping
• Maintaining finances
• Bank Statement Processing
• calculating the price of products and goods
• carrying out payments
• Processing of salaries
• Registration Fee workers
• Calculation of VAT returns, income taxes, other duties related to taxes and contributions
• Preparation of financial statements
• filling in the statistical reports
• archiving of documents
• Educating clients for new regulations
• filling out a loan application and prepare of the necessary documentation
• Consultations of the financial conditions of the company
• Other activities arising from the Accounting Act and other legislation

Advantages of hiring bookkeeping services in relation with the formation of your own accounting system?

There are numerous benefits, but the most important are:
• Lower costs: Gross salary of certified accountants and operational staff, premises costs, office equipment and supplies, professional seminars, literature, bookkeeping software are several times higher than the compensation accounting services for the same services.
• Increased security: Accountants employed in accounting services have more experience because you meet with various activities often come into contact with the tax authority and control. Bookkeeping Service employs more accountants who exchange opinions and analysis solutions as well as they contribute to greater safety in the accuracy of the posting and a faster implementation of new regulations.
• More time to do the basic activity: Entrepreneurs are too busy with accounting transactions, and they have less time to deal with the expansion of the activities and increase profit. Our main slogan is the * WITH US TO THE FINAL BUSINESS SUCCESS *
• Clearly defined responsibilities and accountability: Clients are required to timely submit complete documentation formally and materially and bookkeeping service will take over responsibility for the accuracy of the postings and deadlines for data processing, tax reporting and other obligations.

Benefits of * BILANCA* in relation to other accounting services?

We have no right to say that we are better than other accountants, but we would like to highlight what sets us apart from other services:
• Internet service: The ability for clients to have access to their data at any time via the Internet is our highest priority, because internet service enables clients to have better business insight, and thus better planning and faster decision making.
• Own accounting software - Greater flexibility: The fact that * BILANCA * hire programmers who develop software continuously and rapidly deliver solutions to specific client requests or when changing regulations, makes us more flexible in relation to other accounting services. There are no unsolvable tasks and demands, if they are based on existing data.
• Software for clients: Customer’s software needs to be designed to meet all your needs and facilitate the rapid exchange and processing of data. The monthly subscription fee for use of the software is very affordable.
• A system of notification and follow-up legislation: We have developed a system of notifying for clients and customers which gives us the assurance that clients are aware of the important information about them. In addition to regulations in the areas of accounting, we follow the regulations governing the operations of our customers, because most customers do not read the Official Boards and have no private legal services.

Cost of our services?

While signing the accounting services agreement with client we determine to which category new client belongs on the basis of which are determined by the initial cost of the service ie. price for the first three months.